More Services From Odd Job Jacks

In addition to our core services; lawn care, snow removal and fence construction, we are also proud to offer these other essential property maintenance services.

Garden Maintenance
Hedge Trimming
Yard Clean-ups
Rodent Control
Exterior Cleaning

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Sod installs, grading, garden installs, driveway installs, interlock repair, retaining walls, fence construction and everything else landscaping. From tractors to mini excavators to shovels, we are ready for your landscaping projects. 

Landscaping Services:

By Estimate Only

Gardens require care and attention to stay beautiful all season long. Here at Odd Job Jacks our staff is trained to maintain a variety of plants. We are also able to provice weeding, watering and mulching services.

Garden Maintenance Services:

$ 50.00 per man hour. (minimum 1 hour charge)

Here at Odd Job Jacks we offer a variety of hedge trimming and tree pruning services. We are equipped with various power trimmers, extensions, ladders, scaffolding and hand tools. Whether you are looking to have your boxwoods, globe cedars, spiral firs, junipers, pom pom scotch pines or your cedar hedges and maple trees trimmed and pruned we can help.

Hedge Trimming Services:

$ 50.00 per man hour. (minimum 2 hour charge)

Here at Odd Job Jacks we are fully equipped your all your yard cleanup needs. From the largest leaf collection system in Algoma to power brooms for removing sand and gravel from your yards to brush saws, rakes, leafblowers and more.

Whatever is needed to get your yard looking in tip top shape we have.

Yard Clean-up Services:

$ 50.00 per man hour. (minimum 2 hour charge)

Here at Odd Job Jacks we understand that rodents are a real nuisance here in the north. We offer a variety of trapping and poison services as well as we are fully equipped to repair damage, seal entry points, sanitize and deodorize. 

Rodent Control Services:

Pricing by Estimate Only

Here at Odd Job Jacks we offer a variety of exterior cleaning services. We offer pressure washing, graffiti removal, soft washing and window washing. We have a variety of washing equipment, pressure washers, ladders and  scaffolding to assist in all our cleaning needs.

Exterior Cleaning Services:

$ 50.00 per man hour. (minimum 2 hour charge)